Dancing the Divine

I stand before you shackled.
This is not love but marriage.
Sex without sensuality.
Mundane without Divine.

I writhe and struggle to escape,
To breathe, to fly, to soar.
My wings are clipped, no flight achieved.
Mundane without Divine.

I am frustrated and unseen,
Banging my fists against your chest.
See me, see me, Venus in me.
Mundane without Divine.

You see only my vehicle of flesh and bone,
The curves you croon, caress and stroke,
Leaving the occupant inside – untouched.
Mundane without Divine.

Enraged I fight you,
Withdraw from you
The pleasures of the flesh.
See me, hear me, touch me.
Look deep into my eyes,
See Venus hiding there.

Be with me, come to me,Poet2
As Mars the lover to my She.
Dance with me, dance with me,
The sensual dance of intimacy.
Dance with me, entwine with me.
Let’s dance the dance Divine.

Entwined and intermingled,
Together we softly rise.
Mingling, ever mingling,
Separation gone before our eyes.
First there’s two, then there’s one.
Atoms intertwined.

Atoms intermingling,
Pressure building sure and true.
Explosion then releases us,
Our essence scattered to the breeze.
No more separation
Between us and our Divine.

Atoms flutter, softly floating,
Dancing on the breeze.
Dancing softly to the ground.
A moments bliss, a moments rest,
Swirling in the arms of the Divine
Before reconstitution and solidifying form.

I look at you, you hold me close.
Warm in lovers’ soft embrace.
Into your eyes I look and see,
Your fiery Mars within
And my Soul lies free before you
Now fully on display.

Divine within mundane.

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