Would you like a Brazilian with that?

Have you paid attention to local advertising lately?  I find it to be an endless source of amusement – here are a couple of my favourites…


This sign makes me wonder how I’m supposed to stop the coffee spilling while someone is down there ripping out my prettiest curls; being scalded by hot wax comes with the territory but coffee burns are simply unacceptable.  Now I don’t know about you but I’m not prepared to entrust my sensitive loins to the waxing skills of a mere barista, unless of course he is of the genuine tall, dark and handsome, Italian variety – personally I would demand the services of at least the maître d’ or head chef.

Another poster that makes me chuckle is the one advertising a new high-class shopping mall that proudly offers:


I’m not sure if it’s a deliberate marketing ploy, or my own love of alliteration, but those signs give me the overwhelming urge to add the missing F to the last word.  I’m sorry…I know it’s juvenile…what can I say?…it’s not my fault, really…I’ve been badly influenced…I have sons.

So I do hope they remove these signs soon before I succumb to temptation and buy myself a sheet of sticky letters.  If there is no post next week then you’ll know that all the signage has been correctly edited and I am now busy flirting with the constabulary in some local lock-up.


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