Things I’m Loving in 2015…iPhone Oracle Cards

I love using oracle cards because they seem to connect me to wisdom and guidance beyond my conscious mind’s understanding.  My only problem is that they can be heavy to carry around, annoying when they’re not in my handbag and urgent questions regarding the meaning of life leap into my mind, or potentially embarrassing if the contents of my handbag spill out at the feet of a rotund General Manager type with a large walrus moustache but no sense of humour or tolerance for anything slightly left of centre.

Thankfully that is no longer a problem since I’ve discovered The Fool’s Dog iphone tarot app.  I love the decks supported by this company because the ones I have are beautiful, portable and have between 12 and 18 different types of inbuilt reading spreads.  My favourite feature is the Free Form Spread which allows me to take my questions to deeper and deeper levels gaining greater clarity with each card I pull.

There are 54 different packs to choose from including Steampunk, Mystical Cats and even a Housewives tarot for all the Domestic Goddesses out there.  I really like the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert which is a very feminine reversible tarot deck with imagery grounded in everyday life.  My other favourite cards are the Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path by Francene Hart,  a deck with bright colours, intricate patterns and the option of reversed insights.

gaian tarotsacred geometry

Now whenever a crisis of meaning strikes requiring urgent and immediate attention, as questions of meaning usually do, I can happily consult my pocket oracle without first locking myself in the ladies lavatory in some misguided attempt to avoid the inquisitive gaze of walruses.

My thanks go to Fool’s Dog for creating such a flexible and powerful pocket oracle.

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