Point of no return what if…

I turn 50 in less than a week and even though this is just an arbitrary point in time, I still have an irrational need to spend the next few days turning my life into an instant triumph so that I don’t end up dying a failure, not that I am any more likely to die in a few days than I was yesterday.  I am not suffering from any terminal condition, other than life, and yet 50 looms large as a point of no return.  If I haven’t achieved what I want to by age 50, have I missed the opportunity to make a success of my life, have I passed the point of no return?

When I wrote those words, this is what I heard in response:

It is the point of no return but so is every day.  No day may be returned to, except in memory, so each day is best lived well.  Each day must be felt, absorbed, processed, digested, experienced and lived, not just raced through as if it didn’t matter, like there are an infinite number of days ahead – there are not.  Each day is unique, and precious in its uniqueness.  Pay attention, be there, and most of all enjoy.

What if today is a point of no return?  Would you live it any differently?
Would you slow down and savour it more?


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