I am always amazed by the power of intention and the synchronicity that it generates.

Celebration Ferris

Yesterday was my birthday and I was drawn to start my day under a Ferris Wheel surrounded by bougainvillea, a symbol to me of celebration.  As I sat there enjoying the view, an unexpected commitment to a year of celebration tumbled out of me onto the page and the day that blossomed from that intention was truly a delight:

  • I went and saw La La Land which turned out to be a wonderful celebration of a film
  • When I went to lunch afterwards the server who brought me my meal at the fast food restaurant happened to share the same birthday as me – how weird is that?  He wished me a happy birthday then made a point of smiling and waving me goodbye as we left the restaurant.  Such a lovely connection with a total stranger
  • Throughout the day, birthday songs were sung with gusto from Operatic-style to Family Tabernacle Choir and from as far away as Bali
  • E-card wishes danced across the screen with butterflies and brilliant colours while stickers of love poured into my iPhone
  • I even received birthday wishes from someone special, someone I haven’t spoken to in years, and
  • Later in the day my sister treated me to a strawberry and chocolate calzone – yummo! – at my favourite cafe.  When the wait staff brought out my treat, it came with four sparklers and smiling waiters singing me happy birthday.  What a delight!

While words seem inadequate to capture my day or the shower of love that fell upon me, by evening my heart was overflowing with happiness and with awe.  What an extraordinary day of love and connection and definitely a wonderful start to a year of celebration.

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