Signs of Life: Brisbane – Wonder

I am a wanderer at heart and along the way I have been gathering snapshots of things that delight or amuse me.  So I thought I’d start sharing these pleasures with you in this whimsical new series Signs of Life: Brisbane in which I’m celebrating the urban artists, humorists, signs, signal boxes, sandwich boards and other oddities of Brisbane Australia.


For the past couple of months Fairytale has been swirling around me as I have immersed myself in stories while reading Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype in which Clarissa Pinkola Estes suggests that by engaging with our wildish nature through fairy tales, myths and legends it is possible to “find the guiding myth or fairy tale that contains all the instruction a woman needs for her current psychic development.”

So it came as no surprise when I went for a crystal healing session that wonder, magic and fairy dust should be the theme for the day.  As I came out of the building afterwards, still half in the land of pixies and fairies, I had to laugh when I saw this mushroom metropolis worthy of any self-respecting, upwardly-mobile fairy citizen.

This scene reminded me of another fairyland created by some unknown fairy artist in the backstreets of our own metropolis.  So in gratitude for the joyful fairy dust sprinkled on me this morning, I dedicate this first Signs of Life post to the fairy realm:

Stumbling upon these fairy delights reminded me
that you just never know what magic you’ll discover when you look at the world
with openhearted attention, curiosity, wonder and delight.



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