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Waves of stillness Roll onto my shore As I sink down deep inside myself Safe Safe from the turbulence outside Free from bureaucracy and class Quiet The storm inside me subsides As I return softly to my core Peace   Inspired by stillness in … Continue reading

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Struggle what if…

What if all the experiences that we perceive as painful or challenging or a struggle are just life’s way of shaking off our defences, our resistance, our outdated beliefs or attachments and anything else that prevents us from being truly … Continue reading

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Would you like a Brazilian with that?

Have you paid attention to local advertising lately?  I find it to be an endless source of amusement – here are a couple of my favourites… This sign makes me wonder how I’m supposed to stop the coffee spilling while … Continue reading

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Playful Poet

Life’s far too painful to be taken seriously, it needs to be celebrated!

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Searching for Love Amongst the Frozen Peas

Have you noticed the number of strange people wandering through shopping malls talking to themselves lately? In the past, this kind of behaviour would have got you a lovely jacket with wrap-around sleeves, together with two strong orderlies to take … Continue reading

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Swinging from Hoops on the City Rail

Have you been lucky enough to sample the pleasures of peak hour commuting lately? Yesterday was my first opportunity to do so since my metamorphosis into a Sand Sampling Specialist (aka beach bum) where I talk to the odd starfish, wiggle … Continue reading

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Antelope Required

“Antelope Required,” announced the notice board in the local Laundromat. That got me intrigued. Why would anyone want an antelope on the Gold Coast of Australia? A zoo owner perhaps, or a nomadic homesick African, or maybe an uninspired artist … Continue reading

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